Recertified Massagers

These devices have been carefully inspected and are guaranteed to include all original parts and accessories. You get all the benefits of a truMedic® massager at a fraction of the price.

Recertified Massagers

What Does Recertified Mean?

At truMedic®, we take the recertification process very seriously. All products listed in this collection were pre-owned or used as demo units. Each one has to pass our strict quality tests to ensure that it performs at the same level as a brand-new truMedic® massager. We make sure all the settings work and that the unit has no issues when it comes to functionality.

For those wondering about whether these devices have been recertified vs. refurbished, the rigorous testing process is very similar. However, refurbished products are often repaired from a damaged state and sold "as is," whereas our recertified meaning indicates that our devices were accepted in generally good condition and are backed up by a warranty. You get our guarantee that your truMedic® recertified massager will work correctly and operate as expected, just like a product that is purchased new. In addition, all of the original parts and accessories will be included with your purchase, so you will get the same experience as the user of a new device.

The small differences between our new and recertified massagers come down to appearance. Our strict recertification process filters out any products with excessive damage. However, there may be some small cosmetic defects, such as a scratch or two, that you wouldn't find on a brand-new device. However, none of these minor flaws affect the functionality of the massager, ensuring that you can still enjoy the optimal therapeutic benefits.

Recertified Massager Options

Our selection of recertified massagers is constantly being updated with the latest models to pass our certification process. While one day you might find a neck and back massager or a foot massager, another day you could find a recertified/refurbished massage chair capable of giving you a full body massage. Often, we have all of these options available at once.

But in order to get these great deals on truMedic® massagers, you'll need to act fast. Once a recertified product sells out, it might not become available again soon. It depends on when we have more models available to recertify and list on our site.

Browse through our current lineup to see what recertified massagers are currently available. All of these models are offered at a deep discount, so you'll get to save even more on our high-quality, top-rated massagers. Treat yourself to a product that can relieve your pain and relax your stress away just as effectively as a professional massage.