TENS Products

Discover an easy and affordable way to manage chronic aches and pains with our TENS units. These versatile devices can be used to address discomfort in a variety of areas, including shoulder pain, back pain, foot pain and more.

TENS Units

What Is a TENS Unit?

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. This type of device sends tiny electrical currents to the nerves through the skin to relieve pain and soreness. A TENS unit looks a bit like a remote control with wires attached to the outer edge. Each wire is connected to an electrode pad which is applied to the skin, so that the effects of TENS therapy can be targeted directly to the areas that require the most attention.

TENS units only deliver low-voltage electrical impulses, so they're completely safe. They're easy to use on your own at home and very affordable. A truMedic® TENS will provide relief from muscle pain, aches or soreness.

How to Use a TENS Unit

Using a TENS unit is simple and safe. Here's how it works:

Apply electrode pads to the areas where you're experiencing pain or discomfort. The pads can be placed on multiple areas of the body at once. Adjust the settings on the handheld remote control. Choose from auto-stimulation programs or customize different speed, intensity and pulse functions (massage, beat or knead) for each electrode pad. Start the pulsing function and relax as electrical impulses are sent to each electrode pad. As the TENS unit works, it helps to reduce or eliminate the flow of pain sensations from the affected site to the brain. The electrical impulses may also stimulate the body's production of endorphins, which act as natural painkillers.

Where to Use TENS Massagers

The TENS unit is an effective pulse massager for back pain, knee pain, joint pain and more. As you use it, you'll feel your muscles relax and experience relief as the pain melts away. The electrode pads are reusable, so you can apply this electrical pulse therapy to different areas of the body each time you use your unit. Always consult your doctor before using this device as it is not recommended for those who are pregnant, suffer from epilepsy or certain heart conditions or have a pacemaker or implanted electrical device.

In addition to applying the pain relief therapy to any part of your body, you can also use the unit in any location. One of the best things about TENS units is how portable they are. Easily use at home and enjoy sitting back and watching TV or reading a book while you enjoy immediate relief from aches and pains. Take the device to the office to help relax your muscles when you feel tense or feel sore from sitting at a desk for long hours. You can even take these small, lightweight units with you when you travel, ensuring that any pains that pop up during a trip won't keep you from fully enjoying your vacation.

Try a TENS unit from truMedic® to experience an easy and effective form of pain relief in a portable, lightweight and versatile device.