Massage Therapy Benefits the Systems of the Body

Massage Therapy Benefits the Systems of the Body

The relaxation-inducing joys of massage therapy are widely recognized. The various systems that benefit from regular sessions, however, are not known as well. It turns out that massage is not a luxury, but a full-body health experience.

The Circulatory System

The circulatory system’s health is vital to the body’s proper functioning. It carries blood throughout the body and makes sure it is filtered. Massage increases oxygen levels, nutrients, and red blood cells. It has also been credited with reducing the heart rate and increasing blood flow. This could act as a key element of treatment for people who struggle with high blood pressure.

The Endocrine System

The endocrine system is vital in maintaining a balanced mood and a body that functions well. It is composed of glands that inject hormones into the bloodstream for distribution. These hormones contribute to thyroid function, mood, metabolism, growth, cholesterol, and sexuality, among others things. Massage can stimulate the release of a variety of hormones, which keeps it better regulated. The results include better mood, lower stress, reduced pain, and a sense of balance.

The Lymph System

The lymph system is the body’s cleaner. It is responsible for collecting waste from between cells and cleaning them out. The state of a person’s lymph system has a large impact on his or her health. A strong lymph system leads to a healthy body and tough immune system. A weak lymph system has the opposite effect. Massage therapists can stimulate this delicate system and cause it to work more efficiently. If the immune system needs a boost, this may be a good way to go.

The Nervous System

Stress can cause a wide array of negative symptoms throughout the body. The sympathetic nervous system is the first thing to be impacted negatively. A cascade effect then impacts the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and endocrine systems. Studies have shown that regular massage can provide relief to the nervous system, thereby halting the domino effect.

Massage therapy is an effective treatment method for many of the body’s systems. In the journey toward whole-body health, massage can be an important step.

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